This site is dedicated to my mother,
Rachel Zysmanovich Nurman,
a Survivor of the Holocaust.

No one will ever know what being a survivor means. Even the children that try so hard to understand it will never know the truth. One thing we share is the understanding that we all knew civilization had failed us. Perhaps as new generations blossom we will once again have faith in our fellow man. However, at this point, we can only dream of such a world.

The pain - the humility - the shame - the despair - the hurt - the suffering - will always remain.

Being a child of survivors taught me several things:

  • Mankind did fail.

  • Trivial matters do not interest me.

  • Trusting is very difficult.

  • Believing in god is very difficult.

  • Pain does not go away.

  • Memories are part of life; they do not go away.

Perhaps with the advent of this new shrinking world filled with will bring forth a new understanding of fellowship and mankind.

Froimel, ( Freddie Nurman ) 1998

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